Redesigning a website to raise their online profile and better reflect the organization’s new direction

TYO works in disadvantaged areas of the Middle East, enabling children, youth, and parents to realize their potential as active community members. TYO came to me through a referral to help the team raise TYO’s online profile. As design lead and art director, I worked with the team to communicate the organization’s programs, mission, provide an accessible platform for online donations, and encourage on-going user involvement.

This project launched in 2011, with a very limited budget and time but it remains one of my favorite projects. The TYO team was a joy to work with because they gave thoughtful feedback and clearly communicated their mission and business needs. The client cared and appreciated learning about the design process, and our decisions along the way. Our working rhythm was efficient and we were able to accomplish more than we planned. The team was really happy with the result, and I was really proud to be a part of their transformation.

Tomorrow’s Youth

My Role 
IA, UX, Visual Design

Partnered with
Crystal Fuller, PM, Visual Design
Chris Jackson, Development

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Wireframing the user flow

Information architecture and user flow are established during Discover phase, followed by wireframes of each page.

tomorrows youth

Getting alignment on the feel of the site

Mood boards were created to help gauge an overall feeling of the site or emotional tone, without worrying about details.



Typographical studies

We put together 3 Typographical studies of different combination of type faces. TYO chose this combination.