The Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults – Design For A Difference – chair design challenge

Humans enter a dance with time from the moment we are born. The time we measure with clocks and calendars can be perceived and spent quite differently through personal choice. One may choose to kill time while waiting or to dream of new ideas and possibilities. “Quality Time” was born out of the choice of two close friends to share their time with one another and to share with those young adults facing cancer. Challenging times are when we most greatly need love, support, motivation, inspiration and humor. Alone time, however, becomes just as valuable as time with friends and family and seemingly inconsequential moments can be used for reflection and meditation. It is our hope that the time you take to explore and appreciate “Quality Time” is a lively jive, with unexpected flips and a smile at the end.

Chair was auctioned and sold for $150. Money is donated to the Ulman Cancer Fund For Young Adults Scholarship.

This project was a collaboration between Kim T. Ha and myself.