The final main panels of the stained glass (sorry for the bad stitching job. This is from the top looking down. Once it is installed I should be able to get a better picture.)

Left panel of the boy reading.


Here are a few other things I learned along the way:

5: Finger cuts. It’s inevitable. I learned to measure success (at how well I handle glass and tools) by the number of cuts. No more than 2 cuts per session until the last two sessions when there were none.

2: Blisters. I thought my fingers were invincible and didn’t wear protection. Blisters remind me that I’m mere mortal. And that duct tape solves all problems.

0: Eye injury. Thank goodness! I did get glass dust in my eyes during grinding once and learned my lesson to always wear safety glasses. Very important.

A ton: Patience. I can swim in my own patience. Except when I didn’t, I took a hammer and smash a bunch of discarded glasses. It’s cool cause I can use the smashed pieces for a mosaic project later. Always thinking ahead…

30 hours: Time. Did I mention a lot of patience for self? oh right, see above.

I am so, SO grateful for the time and effort Howard took to teach me. I have much to learn by doing, and only hope to pass on his teachings by documenting it here. Thank you Howard!


Below is the original design in photoshop. The original pencil sketch can be found here. All 5 panels will be 100″ x 16″