My name is Nguyet, pronounced “new way”—like, New Way Design, the name of this website. I am based in Washington D.C.

I facilitate communication through design and visual art. At the heart of what I do is bridging the gap between the people who make things and the people who use those things. I believe in honest, and transparent design patterns that respect people’s time and intelligence. Therefore I strive for clarity and simplicity in my design solutions.

I’ve been designing digital experiences for over a decade. Currently, I’m the Lead Designer at ConsenSys, an Ethereum blockchain venture production studio, building Civil, a decentralized newsmaking platform on the blockchain. Prior to joining ConsenSys, I was the Creative Director of Product at Atlantic Media Strategies, designing digital experiences for mission-driven brands. Before that, I solved user experience problems for Sabre Hospitality Solutions, and AOL, Inc.

In my spare time, I co-founded New Way Design LLC, a freelance company designing WordPress websites, marketing collateral and brand identity for 4 years. I also partnered with friends in my community to start Probonafide, a network of designers, developers and project managers who volunteered time to provide professional services to grassroots organizations. Specifically, organizations that support humanitarian efforts, education, the arts, community development, and the environment. Unfortunately, due to limited availability, I’ve stopped accepting new projects for the foreseeable future.

In my very limited spare time, I explore watercolor portraits, travel as much as possible, and try to contribute to the community.

I earned a BA in Fine Arts from the University of Maryland, College Park.

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2017 W³ Awards
Silver Award for MIT Solve

2016 Communicator Award for Bank of America Merrill Lynch on the World Markets Entry Map

2015 Webby Awards
Nominee & Finalist for People’s Choice Award for The Cancer Atlas

2015 Digital Awards
Finalist for “Best Use of Multimedia for Storytelling” category for The Cancer Atlas

2015 Hermes Creative Award
Gold Award for 1776

2015 W³ Awards
Silver Award for The Tobacco Atlas

2015 Interactive Media Awards
Best in Class for Palmetto Dunes Resort & Spa

43rd Annual Creativity International Awards
Silver Award for Toga Hotels

2013 WebAward
Outstanding Achievement Award in the Hotels and Resorts category for Toga Hotels

W³ Awards
Gold Award for The Ocean House
Silver Award for The Tuft Valley

Silver Award for Broadmoor Dining


Nguyet's montage of still portraits

P.S. Portraits are hard. Thanks to Douglas Wilson for being patient while taking these photos.